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A Holiday Party to Remember

I’m a big fan of the holiday season. Every year, I excitedly decorate my home with trees, candles, and bows. Once my holiday decorations are up, I start baking delicious cakes and cookies to give to family members and friends. I also adore attending Christmas parties. Are you currently planning a holiday bash? Consider making your event a stress-free one by hiring an experienced party planner. A party planner can help you decide where to host your bash and can also assist you with menu planning and decorating. On this blog, I hope you will discover the amazing advantages of hiring a party planner during the holiday season.

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Before And After The Wedding Invitations – Your Invitation Timeline

Don't let your wedding invitations devour all of your wedding planning time. There's an efficient order for dealing with wedding invitations. Here's a look at what you should do before and after you send out your wedding invitations.

Before Sending the Wedding Invitations

Did you order your "Save the Date?" About a year or two ahead of your wedding, make it your business to gather addresses, email addresses, and social networking profiles. After ordering your save-the-date cards, you can start sending them out to those addresses.

Of course, if you go all digital, you won't need the physical cards. However, the cards are still a nice touch. In either case, send the date out from six months to a full year in advance. Shoot for the longer lead time if your wedding will take place in a location that requires people to travel.

After sending out the save-the-date cards, you have a limited amount of time to choose your invitation designs and to mail them out. You'll want to work with a good design and planning group who can help you go from concept to finished invitation fairly quickly, without sacrificing quality.

While you're getting the wedding invitations together, now is the time to send invites for other wedding-related activities as well.

  • Engagement party invites
  • Bridal shower invites
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette party invites

The order in which you send these out will vary as they depend on the dates you plan to hold the activities. An engagement party will likely come before everything else.

For anything after that, try to send the invites out within a reasonable amount of time before the event. It's also okay to use digital invites or just phone calls for many of these things.

Sending the Wedding Invitations

Now that all the dates are in order, and you have your wedding invitations, it's time to start sending them out. Wedding invitations should go out anywhere from four months to six weeks before the wedding.

Use your best estimation of how much time it will take people to RSVP and arrange for accommodations if you have a destination wedding. Many people will use a six-to-eight week timeframe for sending out invitations, but your particular wedding may require a little extra time.

After You Send Out the Wedding Invitations

After sending the invitations, you'll want to order your wedding stationary and possibly some thank you notes. At this point, you can also send out the invitations to the rehearsal dinner or anything else, such as a wedding brunch.

Getting it all right can become a complex endeavor. That's why it's important to work with a group who can help you with the process. Remember, your wedding invitations represent just one part of the stationary you will need. Plan it all accordingly to make sure you have all the invites you require.