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A Holiday Party to Remember

I’m a big fan of the holiday season. Every year, I excitedly decorate my home with trees, candles, and bows. Once my holiday decorations are up, I start baking delicious cakes and cookies to give to family members and friends. I also adore attending Christmas parties. Are you currently planning a holiday bash? Consider making your event a stress-free one by hiring an experienced party planner. A party planner can help you decide where to host your bash and can also assist you with menu planning and decorating. On this blog, I hope you will discover the amazing advantages of hiring a party planner during the holiday season.

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How To Arrange The Perfect Seating For Your Dinner Party

As the hostess of your dinner party, you've got the tables and chairs rented, you've lined up the entertainment, and you know who plans to show. The hard part is done. But now it's time to figure out where all those guests are going to sit. The first step is making a list of who's coming followed by their overall personality type. Are they talkative and outgoing or shy and reserved? Pairing off your guests based on these criteria can make for an interesting yet fun evening. And better yet, you won't have to worry about your party being an epic fail. Here's the skinny on who goes where. 

The Hostess

You are, by far, the most important guest. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. Be sure you're seated in a place where you can mingle with guests as well as go back and forth to the kitchen to check on things as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. If you have a guest of honor, they should be seated to your right. Oh, and no matter who you're with, be sure to laugh. A lot. You set the tone for your party, and your guests will follow your cue.

The Diva

Every party has one: the girl who makes absolutely certain that everyone sees her clutching her Louis Vuitton bag all evening. She might talk incessantly about her hairdresser or the fact that her shopping trip got cut short last week when she broke a nail. The diva should be seated next to the politico, the introvert—who's too afraid to speak up—or the charmer, who will give her a run for her money.

The Charmer

This guy could literally make pleasant conversation with a statue. He knows what to say and how to say it, he'll compliment the food and music (even if he hates it), and he'll offer to help clean up, every time. There really isn't anyone he shouldn't be seated next to. Well, except for the politico. The charmer never wants to discuss politics because, well, it's politics. 

The Politico

If one of your guests is a politician, or just likes to talk politics all the time, never fear. This doesn't have to lead to ruin. Because they might lightly traipse or even full-on barge into controversial territory, they should be seated beside someone who can totally handle it. This would be the entertainer, the diva, or even you, the host. 

The Introvert

This one is more likely to stare at the chicken on their plate than make eye contact with your guests. But it's all good. Seat the introvert next to the diva, the entertainer, or the charmer. Never ever seat them next to another introvert unless you want their table to implode from sheer boredom.

The Gossiper

This one needs no explaining. The gossiper should be strategically placed near the charmer or the host, but never the introvert as they generally want nothing to do with gossip. The charmer and the gossiper are often two peas in the same pod, relaying stories back and forth all night long.

The Entertainer

Always quick with a joke or just simply a great storyteller, the entertainer is well liked by most everyone. But they should only be seated next to a small handful of personality types. The entertainer will likely clash with the diva and the gossiper, but they pair very nicely with the politico, the introvert, or the charmer. Also, avoid sitting next to the entertainer yourself. After all, you should be doing some entertaining of your own.

The Oddball

There are several personality types that fall into the "oddball" category. It might be your cousin Wanda's uninvited guest or your ex-husband's new girlfriend that nobody knows. The oddball isn't necessarily weird; you just don't know where to put them because, well, you don't know them. So where should they sit? If possible, put them next to the charmer or the politico and enjoy what follows. 

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